Twitter and space exploration

by claude-klod


This post stem from my kloud and falls between a ‘klomercial’ and ‘kloment’. I love to recycle words and create new ones. I crafted a few self-centered very straightforward personalized expressions that integrate my name. Instead of comments I post kloment (both a noun and a verb). Kloud represents my vision and defines my universe and my sphere. I exist within my kloud. I promote my work via klomercials. I recycle letters and concepts and create unique expressions that leave a lot of room for imagination and augmented content for those who love to read between the lines. You may also catch subtle audio references if you listen carefully to the voice inside your head as you read. I like to use complex multi media metaphors. Do I sound loud or soft? Do you hear my accent? I wonder if in your head I sound like a female or male. My name confuses people and my accent as well. I started to write my name the way it sounds: Klod. Otherwise, English speakers cannot seem to pronounce it properly when spelled Claude. I gave up trying to include references to make it possible to determine my gender. We define gender using obsolete notions so I prefer to avoid references to it. You can think what you please and hear as you read a male or female and you can interchange. I write to please your imagination and I leave you all the latitude.

I want to kloment on Twitter. I confess that I got addicted to Twitter in just a few weeks. Quick thinkers beware. It could happen to you just as fast. Those who love information, speed, condensed and varied content and who want to stay on top of developments should realized the great risks involved the moment they open an account. Information starts pouring in within seconds and it never stops. More often than enough, at the same speed than my strain of thought. I find that most amazing. I initially joined to connect with other photographers and communicators with the primary goal to promote my photography work. I got hooked to the incessant flow of information. I appreciate viewing content in different languages as part of the same feed. I follow French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese accounts and Twitter provides me with a live international virtual window. No wasted time or words on Twitter. Every single letter counts. Messages go directly and strictly to the point. I love that. And it provides ample room for multimedia content. I now access so much content that I would miss otherwise. And I find it interesting to check who follows who. One gets a glimpse of someone’s interests and influences. Why did I wait so long to adopt this lively stream of human activity and make it part of my kloud. Now this really sounds like a klomercial but its form the heart.

A promised earlier, I want to tell you all I know and disclose the whole details regarding encapsulated human sperm going into space in the very near future. I apologize for taking so long. It involves summarizing a lot of information and insights into high tech, human nature, psychology, behavioral science, justice, advanced marketing and the history of space exploration. I want to give you a clear, unbiased and realistic explanation. I sought a legal opinion and await feedback from my advisors. I must ensure first that I will not break any laws by disclosing what I learned. The true story of space exploration is strikingly different than what we teach in schools and read in official accounts. For starters, they claim Russia first sent a dog into space. That really is a lousy gigantic lie. A real scientific hoax. To think that they used a dog when hundreds of thousands of Indians were being experimented on and available is fantasist. The reason they made that dog story up is to cover the fact that the first human being to make it into space was a minor women. A 16 year old Indian women. They trained her for years for that experiment. Her and the whole village where she was born. It took a decade to prepare everything and everyone. The capsule was really small and inner space restricted. She was chosen because she was both tiny and smart. The whole story is quite amazing. I will disclose it all as promised as soon as I obtain clearance. Stay tuned. I will not discuss this subject at all via Twitter because there is just not enough space for such a vast subject.